'Description of Item' searches




AND (or a space between words)

To obtain all the documents that contain all of the words blue and black and red, use the following search option:


'blue AND black AND red' or 'blue black red'


In an AND query, all documents containing all three words blue, black, and red will be returned.



OR (or | ) Use - to reduce the number of items found.

To obtain the documents that contain the term trimmers or the term lawnmowers, use either of the following search option:


'trimmers OR lawnmowers' or 'trimmers | lawnmowers'


In an OR query, will retrieve all documents containing trimmers or lawnmowers.



MINUS (or - )

Suppose a query on filters always returned a lot of air filters. You can lower the amount of filters being returned by using the search option:


'filters MINUS air' or 'filters - air'


This query returns documents that contain all filters other than air filters.





Right-Truncated Queries


Right truncation involves placing the wildcard on the right-hand-side of the search string. For example, the following search option finds all terms beginning with the pattern scal: